What's the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a government scheme to help homeowners make energy saving improvements to their home. The home owner pays for these improvements indirectly through the new savings in their utility bills, paid for from the difference between your current utility bill and the lower bill once your home is made more efficient.

Who can take advantage of the Green Deal?

The green deal is available to everyone, but your home must be assessed first by a Green Deal Assessor (Avant Coatings Ltd are Green Deal Assessors). We visit your property and advise where you can make efficiency improvements, including wall and loft insulation, boillers etc. If you would like to book an assessment of your property, simply go to our contact page and fill in your details.

So how does the Green Deal work?

The Green Deal process involves of 3 professional bodies as follows:

Green Deal Assessors – Green Deal Assessors carry out a full assessment of your property which is the first stage in the process. Assessors perform a full evaluation and provide a full list of all potential efficiency improvements that you can apply for. Avant Coatings Ltd are fully qualified and verified Green Deal Assessors.

Green Deal Providers – Green Deal Providers arrange the Green Deal plan.  The plan consists of arranging the finance for the home improvements and liaising with the the authorised installer regarding the agreed energy efficiency improvements.

Green Deal Installers – Green Deal Installers are the companies that install the various improvements to your home. Avant Coatings Ltd are authorised Green Deal installers.

If you decide to use Avant Coatings Ltd for your Green Deal, we make your experience as simple as possible. We can deal with every aspect of the process, meaning you can relax and let us do all the work.

How do I apply for Green Deal?

To get the ball rolling, simply contact us and book a Green Deal assessment. We will then arrange a visit to your home to provide a full Green Deal assessment.

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